Type / Brand - See Believe
See Believe
Type / Brand - See Believe
Description of mhylevel 26ghz high frequency radar level transmitter seal03

Application : Solid material,Strong dust
Measuring Range : 70meter
Process Connection : Universal Flange
Medium Temperature : -40 °C ~ 250 °C
Process Pressure : -0.1~0.1 MPa
Accuracy : ± 15mm
Protection Grade : IP67
Frequency Range : 26GH
Signal Output : 4... 20mA/HART (2wire/4)Rs485/Modbus
Explosion-proof Grade : ExiaIIc T6 Ga

See Believe MHYlevel 26GHz High frequency Radar Level Transmitter SEAL02

Application : Liquid Measuring Range : 30meter Process Connection : Thread, Flange Medium Temperature : -40 °C ~ 150 °C Process Pressure : -0.1~0.3 MPa Accuracy : ± 3mm Prote...

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